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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
It's amazing the similarities in all our relationships, RP. For me, as a man, a little bit of clingy is not a bad thing. Makes me feel m-a-n-l-y....My wife isn't very clingy, my OSO can very much be. The night owl thing I def identify with. My wife doesn not want to be awakened at night,.... my OSO? Anytime!

My wife lately has been feeling the need to just sit and talk and connect more, while at the same time, my OSO is needing more emotional support to get thru her first Christmas and Anniversary without her husband of 32 years and her only child off to college. Many nights it's all 3 of us just holding hands on the sofa watching TV......

Doesn't sound like the young swinging scene of many of our forum readers, does it???? But by and large it works, and our lives are richer for it.
It's funny cause seriously-clingy drives me nuts even in my kids.
That said-they are ALL (men and kids alike) clingy when they don't feel good-but GOD FORBID if I am! Woooo hoooo Mom better hold the fort down NO MATTER WHAT!

On another note-Maca is a "early to bed early to rise" guy and GG and I are both night owls.

No young swinging scene here either. Kind of nice to know there are a few other "families" out there that aren't still "playing"
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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