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Thank you Annabel -

My husband has said a couple of times that he wouldn't want to know, but I think that might just be nervous feelings around the whole concept of me being with someone else, since it's not the 'norm'. He has said that he finds the thought of me with another man exciting .... but there is obviously a leap there between being with another man and loving another man that we haven't fully explored. We clearly have a lot of ground work to do between the two of us, I know that.

I so want to go for it, I really do - but as another poster said, it seems like L isn't in a place where he can explore our feelings for each other, so aren't I just causing shit with my own need to go for gold? I know that L being afraid of me saying anything is really not my concern - I have to do what's right for my relationship - but I also want to respect how it may impact his life.

What is your story, Annabel? How did you move from cheating to poly?
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