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just to add, for anyone who hasnt read my other posts, our relationship is supposed to be a triad, with me not as a secondary, im happy with this arrangement but at times feel like a secondary and feel lonely. bf tries really hard to support, love and care for me as an equal, and he makes me feel like an equal. gf makes it really obvious that im way down on her priority list when it comes to him and me, which saddens me. im still contemplating whether to start up an outside relationship if i feel love for another. i know this would please my gf, but not my bf. but then maybe if it came to me falling for another woman she might find it harder than she thinks due to her jealously issues. i dont fall for people easily tho. at present our relationship is closed. p.s. anna, as time goes on my bf makes more and more time for me, we love to go out drinking and dancing together, i can really relate to your special moments with gia and your desire to be more intimate with eric, and your patience and understanding, its so hard sometimes being a new part of a family. especially after being part of my own family for 18 years.
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