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Originally Posted by polyjuice View Post
. . . I'm not going to add to her stress by asking her to deal with me and my hangups right now.
You really want to take the blame here, don't you? It's not your hang-ups. You are left to reap what M & D have sown. Not nice of them, and somehow now you feel guilty for making a fuss. Wow, even if it's all unconscious on their parts, they are slick.

Originally Posted by polyjuice View Post
As for the wedding gift: They registered for some steak knives. PERFECT.
Old superstition alert:

It's considered bad luck to give knives or any kind of blade, scissor, etc., as a wedding gift. Supposedly, it "cuts" or slices the matrimonial union, and puts a hex on the couple not to stay together. I did not know this until I got married and the person who gave me the knives I had registered for told me about this superstition -- and asked me for a dollar when she gave them to me. If the bride or groom "buy" the knives from you, it's no longer bad luck.

Just lettin' ya know. If someone knows about this, it might not look good for you to give knives, unless you ask for a dollar as well. Tee-hee, silly I know!
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