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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
He simply is not free to explore this with you, no matter how tempting it is to cheat, and you need to discipline yourself and act with integrity.
Thank you for your direct honesty. I have been acting like a bit of a teenager, I admit. My feelings are getting in the way. I guess I've been justifying my actions by trying to simply validate that my feelings for L are real and important. I've been conveniently ignoring the cheating part - feeling like if my husband knows how I feel it's almost as good as him knowing what I've done. I see that it isn't.

I can't believe that I got myself into this mess. I wish I had acted with integrity from the beginning - spoken about my feelings instead of acting on them. I know that it's okay to love two people, but not to act the way that we've been acting.

Basically, I'm a bit of an asshole, aren't I?

But do I have the guts to come clean?
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