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To hear "hey let's not rush to mix the kids" and then quickly get asked to mix the kids feels pushy. I wonder am I speaking English?
Not a clear soft limit.

What is "too soon" to you? A year? What is too soon to DH? 3 months?

Be clearer when stating a soft limit and some of this headache will go away.

"Let's not rush to mix the kids too soon. Let's give it 3 mos and then talk and assess if we're ready to mix or want to extend it out a bit more. 3 mos work for you? We need to negotiate on that time frame for what is "too soon?" Speak now or let's roll with 3 mos." You agree on the time limit. Call it 3 mos.

THERE! That is a CLEAR soft limit. Bugging me before 3 mos? Shoo!

It's been 3 mos? Alright. Let's sit down to Big Conversation and have an assessment then.

Really must dash but I'll check back in.

Hang in there. *hugs*

BREATHE. You will be ok,


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