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Originally Posted by lovely View Post
Thinking this through, I think my pain is around the unknown of the future and letting go of a dream I had for my future.

first of all may I just say if I could be half the woman you have been I would consider myself an incredible person. You are amazing. My hat goes off to you for putting in so much effort.

Is it possible that you could see a future with both of them in it? You were her best friend and she yours... your husband still loves you and I would wager that your ex best friend loves you too. It might take a change of thinking but is possible.

When all is said and done things settle and life goes on normally. Perhaps this can happen again, but with the understanding that your husband and her are in love also.

Mark1npt has a similar situation to you... he lives with his wife and her best friend, who he fell in love with. Perhaps he could help. Reading his posts might. They have been through similar stuff, but he would be talking from where your husband sits.
Might me helpful to read his words.
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