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miss pixi told me she wanted to spend more time with me, so on Monday we drove back to my place, where she will stay for the week. Lo and behold, early Monday morning, after being so vague all weekend, Ginger messaged me wanting to see me asap, could he come Wed, how about Tuesday, actually how about today???

So, miss p and I got back here around 6, went to the grocery store, and Ginger got here at 7. miss pixi wasn't in the mood for sexy time with him (she told me she was more into just reconnecting with me after all our time apart). So Ginger and I had sex in the living room as she cooked in the kitchen at the other end of the space. Eventually he and I moved to the bedroom.

Once we were done we came out and socialized with miss p, talking and looking at her pix from camp. Ginger tired early and went to bed at 10.

He was feeling better in the morning and we had some nice time to cuddle, chat and have breakfast.

He'd had a hobby of making chainmail for a while, and I told him how Nina Garcia, one of the Project Runway judges, had worn a chainmail designer dress the other week. He got all interested and looked up a video of the Yves St Laurent winter 2011 show when he introduced his chainmail dresses. I was pretty happy to have a bf who would look at fashion with me!

Eventually we took a shower together and had shower sex, even actual intercourse in there, which would've been difficult if we weren't fluid bonded!

Ginger left around 11. Later in the day I felt the beginnings of congestion and Tuesday came down with a full blown cold. I'd just had a virus in late July! Of course, I got this from the little girl I sit for, who has just started back to school. Dammit! Also, I have decided to quit smoking and started cutting back last week, and then started Chantix this week. Hard to tell how much of the coughing and mucus is from the cold and how much is from cutting way back on cigs!
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