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miss pixi had another wonderful week at the camp for transgendered kids. She is a counselor as well as one of the cooks. They had a different chef this year than her first year last summer, a young woman who had ordered in all fresh foods. They made everything from scratch. miss p adores cooking and absolutely loved it.

2 weeks went by and this chef invited miss p to work at a lesbian wedding this past weekend. It was out in central Mass and took some serious planning to get miss p out there as she doesn't have a car. Finally she took a bus to the Chef S's house in Northampton and then they drove to the wedding together.

I was glad miss p had a little job as she's been out of work for so long because of her disability. But that meant I had to miss her again after her having just got back from a week at camp. Also, I was once again on dogsitting duty. (I am not a dog person.) I spent the weekend at her place, hoping Ginger would drive in and spend a night.

However, he wasn't feeling up to it. The effects of the 3 week course of antibiotics he needed for his Lyme disease were still bothering him quite a bit, and the fatigue and muzzyheadedness from the actual Lyme were happening as well. He was back and forth in chat about whether he would drive into Boston to see me, and eventually decided not to. It was pretty frustrating waiting for him to make up his mind.

So... I had a kind of lonely weekend despite having 2 lovers! I did a lot of reading, some cleaning, and on Sunday, thrift store shopping and photography.

miss pixi got home 7:30 Sunday night and we had a nice reunion. She had a lot of fun at the wedding job, and then some time for running around Northampton on Sunday with Chef S and her partner before catching her bus. Northampton is one of the gayest towns in the country.
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