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Question dating a married 'poly' woman

Hi to everyone!
Im quite new to the concept of polyamory and non monogamy. I will be very grateful for any advice from anyone who had more experience regarding my situation. Not a life-threatening one, but maybe too trivial for most people. But I just feel awkward to be discussing this question to my traditional friends.

Im a single straight guy (late 20s) and had been in monogamous relationships in the past, but for the first time, I recently started dating a married woman who claims to be in a polyamorous open relationship situation with her husband or partner. I didnt know it at first but she revealed it to me on our first date so that I will have an 'informed decision' according to her. I still like her but Im not so sure if this poly thing is my cup of tea, but I can try if it will work.

My concerns are:
1. Is this a crazy idea, that is being involved with a married woman? Should I give it a try, having a monogamous programming since childhood? I really like her.

2. How do I know that she is not cheating or that they are really in a consensual non monogamous relationship?

3. Perhaps, part of my concern is the awkward feeling, like, will i get into trouble in dating her? I mean legally or getting into trouble with her partner
4. Are there guidelines or etiquette for dating a married poly woman? any links or references or experiences or advices?

5. If ever I could pull this off right, what are the chances this will work? Any cases or similar situations you know of? I mean Im a single guy and they are a married couple. My objective is to make this into a long term relationship if possible, not just a fling.

Thanks so much for reading this and for whatever thoughts, inputs, advices you can throw in

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