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^ I hear you, but it's just how it is, we're both very much each other's primaries, we're always looking out for each other, and even if it's a security blanket it seems to work well. The hierarchy thing is not a concern for me because we're both secure with that. I am not naturally poly - more of a swinger at heart, happy to share sexual energy but not interested in more than one committed relationship. I've left it to him to pursue his own rships and I relaxed nearly all the "rules" we had (now that I feel more secure) but he also seems to prefer one main relationship. So, because of spending most of our free time together and being each other's main emotional anchor it just seems to work this way for now. I am aware this could change, letting go of certainty has been a liberating thing for an over-analyser like me!

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No, I don't worry about not being a shiny new toy to him any more. I like being OLD shiny toy better.

There isn't as much "weather reporting" because he knows me and all my tells already. It's a smoother ride, it's a more intense ride, it's a longer ride.

You can get some nice chords and phrases sometimes with a new partner. And learning to make beautiful music together is a fun process of discovery.

But oh, with an old lover? That knows you well? You can run through flawless symphonies! It's another kind of rush.

I thought this was beautiful
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