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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
Etiquette-wise, inviting only one half of a couple, especially a couple that lives together, to a wedding is rude. For him to receive a single invite rather than an invite addressed to the both of them (without prior discussion of all parties) would be a social slap in the face.
That's the thing... there's no way they don't realise exactly how bad this will make her feel. I'd feel upset too. It isn't about R wanting M or D to like her, or about her jealousy - it's about the sense that the OP's marriage to his wife is somehow implicitly disapproved of. Since this isn't an event he'd be going to with his girlfriend - she's there to get married to another man - I can't see any reason he can't attend with his wife. In fact, refusing to issue a plus one to anyone is pretty usual, and here serves a controlling purpose (would they still mind if his plus one was another friend? I doubt it's a money issue). Yup, everyone has people they're not massively fond of in their wedding, as has already been pointed out. Unless there are things the OP isn't telling us, it sounds to me like:
  • The OP is essentially invited but only if he attends as a single person, he is not invited as a married man
  • The soon-to-be-married couple are being immature and perhaps a bit mean...
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