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Originally Posted by Austtia View Post
We're a married couple in what I suppose is a V relationship right now. I'm bi (woman) and the men are straight. I think we're all interested in expanding this to another woman if we could ever find the right fit.

Anyway, we're pretty new in our relationship and are keeping it under wraps. We don't want anyone to know about us yet, at least not for quite some time. Is is common to stay "in the closet", or are most polys public about their relationships?
I, too, am a bisexual poly female in an MFM vee with my husband and boyfriend (who are both straight). We all live together. We are "open-but-not-looking" when it comes to adding another female to the mix. I guess I envision that one of us may happen to meet a woman who "clicks" with one of us - if she would happen to click with any of the others so much the better (but by no means a requirement).

Due to my profession we are mostly "in the closet" and will be for the forseeable future (at least until I retire) - our friends know, our families do not (although I suspect they suspect), my coworkers do not. Everyone knows that Dude lives with us but he is introduced as "our roommate" or "our friend" depending on the situation. We do all go out together as friends - but we are circumspect about PDA between Dude and myself when we are out locally.

We are leaving today for a 5 day mini-vacation but I would be happy to talk more when we get back.

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