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Thank you both for taking time to read and respond. As I said before it is very much appreciated.

We have talked again and he has seen that this isn't something he can just sweep under the carpet and not talk snout again. He can't one day say what he said and the next pretend he didn't say it.

He is willing to go to relationship counselling and we have already talked about each of our faults and both agree it has been a good reboot to the relationship.

Despite all that it still bothers means I keep going through all kinds of emotions but I guess counselling can help with that.

He wants to stay friends with her sand I told him I can't demand a stop to it. He doesn't want me to contact her and say anything as apperantly despite her offering threesomes and stuff she doesn't know anything and it is all his doing. Not quite decided how I feel about that. Feels like he is protecting her and wants to wrap it all up and away. Still think about contacting her or asking to read their messaging history to get an insight into what actually happened but not decided whether this is a good thing or not either.

Maybe counselling will help with that too...

Thanks again
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