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Default "all my love" in a Vee

Hi All,
I'm new to the forum, just posted an intro on that thread yesterday. I have a number of questions and more I'm sure that will come over time.

I'm the hinge in a new Vee. I've been struggling with some issues of language. When I was only with my partner (P) before my boyfriend (B) entered the picture I would often use terms like, "you are the most important thing to me" or "I love you the most". I've caught myself steering away from that language and sticking to thinks like generic, "I love you". It is a very conscious transition for me. And I wonder if he's noticed (I know communication is key and I should just speak with him about it).

My boyfriend says things like, "you have all my love". Or will text endearments like "all my kisses". I have two loves and find it hard to reciprocate in the same language. It feels like my, "I love you very much" is somehow less than "you have all my love". I know that love is not a finite thing, but I don't feel entitled to use that language.

Has anyone else struggled with this before? I tend to be a very logical, analytical person and I'm willing to admit that I might be putting too much significance on semantics. But I'd like to hear thoughts from anyone else that has been in the same place.

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