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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
But I couldn't resist this:I started smoking at age 7, and gave it up 3 seconds later, so I can sympathise with you on this, but... It takes a lot of strength and will-power for long-term addicts to give it up, so all the best to both of them, and I hope that they win through.
Yeah i was feeling a little bad for them.
They've both decided the CBF quitting right now. so i just want to kick them both in the shin for being grumpy poo's for the last week, and now smelling/tasting like ashtrays again.
Awful what we'll put up with for love i always said i would *never* end up with a smoker...and now i've ended up with two *cry*

As a random aside. i lost my virginity last week. On M's birthday. Twas painful as heck because he's big and i'm tight beyond belief. But at least i've finally gotten it out of the way. and despite no libido, and struggling to orgasm by myself, i've managed to orgasm from sex since yay for me.
It was a very nice experience, despite the pain, cause i had both of my people there for me. And the first night we only got about halfway in before i got him to stop - and then we spent the rest of the night laughing about the facial expressions i had pulled

Best way to lose it. surrounded by your two best friends, totally loved up and laughing hysterically <3
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