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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
(Because you live in Oz and family responsibilities mean that you'll probably never travel to Europe [???])
hehe, nah i'm planning to go back to europe in a couple years. i'm originally from there, even if i'm a total oz girl now. But it'll mostly be to visit family. unless i take a child, in which case i might try to travel a little bit to expand her horizons.
Because you're who you are. (I've only read your post on the thread "Building Self Esteem - What Works?" and then jumped to this one, but I'm now going to check out your other threads and probably, probably, request your friendship)
hehe, i shall be very flattered <3
glad you liked that post! i'm a bit flattered by your attention :P
How old are the children that you're co-parenting?
they are 7 (boy), 2.5 (girl) and almost 9 months (girl) I was there for the birth of the second two, the conception of the last, and i've been co-parenting basically since the middle one was 1 (well, that's when i moved in) but part time since sometime after she was born.
I'm going to recommend 2 books to you:
Thankyou for the book recommendations! i am checking them out as we speak
nothing better than a new book to add to my reading list!
Our FMFTriad + 3 children + 2 pets = one crazy household
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