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Interesting side note. I was feeling all tender emotionally after posting that entry above. And ended up in a strange emotionally flooding space for a short while that was intense and crazymaking of my own doing. I could have worked that show better. But overall we navigated it and it didn't last long.

I'm not looking to NEVER flood ever.

For my stress management, I'm looking to learn to shorten down to a volume and size he and I both can deal with. This was what? 30-45 min? (I did not track time)

Better than the few days it was last time. Which was better than the few weeks/months from the time before that.

We get there. That's a positive.

And here's what he did to help me get my marbles back into my bag. Because I totally spilled it.
  • He was stern, firm and told me to STOP giving it so much attention. The emotional price tag on it was not worth it.

Lather, rinse, repeat the statement in firmer and firmer tone up to and including big swoopy arm movements "price tag is THIS big right now and NOT worth it!" because I've told him I response to visual cues faster than audio cues.

Until I heard him and the message penetrated IN through the internal noise/static I was experiencing.

Then I got pissed off at him for interrupting my inner Brain Board of Trustees committee argument had to step off to argue with HIM instead.

And tada. No longer on emotional flooding crazy train. No longer doing emotional vomit spew monologue of nutty.

Was then able to shut up and pick up my spilled bag of marbles and own my own baggage in a better way, regroup, and finish conversation in constructive way with better focus.

(Thanks, DH!)

As an academic exercise I'm going to break down that internal thinking process in the next few posts.

Because I learned some new things about myself there. It was cool. Almost made the crazy train worth it.


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