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I'm in a dynamic duo and I'm the captain and he's the first mate.

I don't think of it as heirarchy -- we make all decisions together equally.

But in daily operations?

It's just how we naturally work together in the Household Company. SOMEONE is the one functioning as the heartbeat of the home, making the calendar things, the chore chart, moving things along.

I can totally see someone in your triad functioning as "den mother" because someone's got to organize things.

But if the roles for this semester were decided and agreed upon are thus-- well? What of it?

fDP pointed out to me is morning that she has a tendacy to call me 'darling girl', and was asking whether I felt like she was trying to assert herself as 'lead female' because she worries that she's infantilising me to a degree.
Tell her she's fine and to stop excess worry where none is warranted.


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