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Originally Posted by Pliglet View Post
Also I'm a book/crafting nerd with a special love for all things children and childbirth
(Because you live in Oz and family responsibilities mean that you'll probably never travel to Europe [???])

Because you're who you are. (I've only read your post on the thread "Building Self Esteem - What Works?" and then jumped to this one, but I'm now going to check out your other threads and probably, probably, request your friendship.)

How old are the children that you're co-parenting?

I'm going to recommend 2 books to you:

a) Woman On The Edge Of Time by Marge Piercy - my favourite [adult] novel of all time, the most attractive utopia that I know of, which contains bits on co-parenting. DO NOT read the wikipedia entry on this book before you read the book itself! Some idiot has spoiled one of the secrets in the plot. The link I supply is to amazon, which doesn't make this mistake.

b) Kiss Me! - How To Raise Your Children With Love by Dr. Carlos González - the best book on childrearing that I've ever read. In fact, on page 2, I said to myself: "This is a great book!" On page 60, I said: "I want to translate it into English." (I read it in the original Spanish and - at that time - it had been translated into Portuguese, German, and Italian... but not English. I got permission from Dr. González to do the work [he sent me a digital copy of the original], but due to my very intermittent access to computer technology [and other factors], it took me years to translate. I hadn't finished the corrections when I found that it has been published [AT LAST!] in English. I'm sorry that I didn't make it as the official translator, but I'm overjoyed that this amazing and much-needed book is now available in English.)

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