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Last night, I cleaned my room, set out some fresh candles. This morning, I dressed sharply, put on a couple of touches of makeup (I *never* do makeup) and perfume.

We had a plan to meet at a city park, eat at a downtown restaurant, then go back to my place.

Mid-afternoon, Gia messaged me to let me know that, due to some logistical snafus, she needed to pick Bee up right after work, and Eric wouldn't be home to take over watching him until a couple of hours after that. I surprised myself a little by not being put out by the news. I knew that she still wanted to see me, and that this was an unavoidable annoyance, like so many in her life. This is part of being a parent. We would make it work. Though we didn't have much time to talk, it sounded like the plan had shifted to cooking at her place.

I gave her a ride to the daycare, and there we decided to try going to a restaurant after all, with Bee with us. I found an upscale place nearby on my phone, and we gave it a go. Bee was GREAT, thank gods. He sat in his little high chair between us and ate bits of fruit and played with his toys and mostly actually let us focus on eating and talking to each other, it was a minor miracle.

There was a candle on the table (well away from the baby, of course).

We even managed to get in dessert and coffee, by which time Bee was beginning to fuss. We hurried home to find that Eric had just gotten in. Bee had fallen asleep in his carseat, so Eric just got into the car and took him away to visit with friends right away, leaving Gia and I alone.

She sat at her computer desk. I knelt at her feet and laid my head in my lap. She put on some music and sang along softly as she played with my hair. It was one of those timeless moments where you're not thinking about anything, just existing, content, perfect.

Then we retreated to her room and closed the door. We cuddled and talked. We heard Eric come home, but we didn't leave the room. I wasn't sure if anything would happen. She seemed a little hesitant, caught up in what I can now recognize as her anxiety. I was perfectly ok with just being close and affectionate together, but I did want very much to touch her. I asked her gentle questions. Once I was sure it was ok, I ran my hands over her clothed limbs, then started massaging her shoulders, her feet, then between her legs. To sum up, things got sexy and it was aaaaawesoooome. When I touched her, it turned me on so much that it was almost like touching myself, it was crazy.

Afterwards, I asked Gia if she'd mind if I slept with Eric one-on-one sometime. She assured me, her face and voice very warm and sincere, that that would be fine with her (makes me feel silly for assuming it probably wouldn't be for so long!). Then she poked her head out of the room. Bee was still sleeping in his carseat, Eric had brought it in and set it on the floor. After quickly checking with me, she invited him to join us. EVEN SEXIER TIMES ENSUED. This time, rather than a minor miracle, I'd have to classify it as a regular, full-blown miracle -- Bee stayed sleeping, and the three of us got to enjoy ourselves to our hearts' content. I still have a crick in my neck from the angle we were using at one point, though.

Eric and I left the room before Gia did, and I took the opportunity to quietly thank him for the time with her. I mean, really -- he'd worked a LONG day, came home late, rushed back out after barely saying hello to his wife, had barely even had a bite to eat by the time he got BACK to his home, and he just gave us all the space and time we needed... until we wanted him, of course. It's not like I haven't paid my dues in this relationship, but it's much easier for me to give. I'm not exhausted and broke and stressed on a daily basis the way they are, the way he is. He really is a good metamour (not to mention *excellent* in the sack).

I left feeling utterly satisfied, relaxed, loved, in love, and calm about the future.
Me, 30ish bi female, been doing solo poly for roughly 5 years. Gia, Clay, and Pike, my partners. Davis, ex/friend/"it's complicated." Eric, Gia's husband. Bee, Gia and Eric's toddler.
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