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I grew up in northern Canada where we took two weeks off school to go hunting. Went fishing all summer. Having british parents who knew nothing of such barbaric acts was novel in my town I never did taste bear, dear or moose meat. Its ashame really as I probably never will. I lived amongst a lot of Native Canadian kids whos families taught me about respecting nature and honouring the great spirit and our earth mother.

My vegitarianism started when I went to live with relatives in Wales for a couple of years and my animal activist aunt taught me how the meat industry worked. I was absolutely HORRIFIED! I still am, it leaves me cold. I couldn't partake in it any longer and that was it, 25 years later and I raise my boy veggie and have a husband who turned veggie (we had a deal, he would become an at home vegetarian if I quit smoking. We did both. He doesn't eat meat at all now),and a boyfriend that at least respects our choice and has tried our food for himself.

I find it interesting that my boy panics when he is given meat look a like foods. Even he has been taught why we don't eat meat. He once had his daycare assistant call me up and ask if it was okay that he went to McDonald's with his friends for ice cream. He refused to go without checking with me first as I tell him about their marketing schemes and the way they get their meat. A little education goes a long way. Of course I let him go to see for himself and so he would be included with his friends. I was so proud!

Now I include wild salmon in my diet every now and then as I developed some thyroid issues without the iodine in my diet.
Food here is also expensive but we like to buy quality rather than quantity. I learned that from my french sister-in-law. She buys little bits of good quality food and eats very little. No costco shops for her. Buying in bulk makes one eat in bulk. It has totally worked for me and has helped me lose 60 from when I ate in bulk before. The other trick is to cook in bulk I think. The cost is far less and its a fun thing to do with my loves

We have a garden and can grow all year round. We have in the past, but I have grown lazy since having a child. Is that lazy? I'm getting back into it again though and planted a garden this year. Not much came of it, but it will take time to get on it again. I have to get everyone invovled more for it to work. Make it a family effort. (hear that Mono? )

My big thing the last view years is to not eat msg. Its disguised in everything. Also eating companion foods is important to me. Eating raw and local also.

We have had an organic box delivered now for 10 years, the husband and I. We like that its all local vegetables. We can design the box as we want with coffee, milk, grains, even chocolate and much more. It is cheaper than buying in the store and delivered. We get eggs from the farm down the road from where I work and go to farmer markets whenever possible.

I am lucky, I can do all those things in working hours. I have it all down to a fine art at this point. I know what is in just about every store in the city.

It helps that we live in a progressive city where concern for environment, health and well being are a big deal. There is no small reason that this is home for me.
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