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Originally Posted by winged View Post
. . . I find it really problematic that we even have this thread to pile on how undatable people with a psychiatric DX are. It seems kind of ablist and it's definitely depressing for those of us who do.
I highly doubt that BlackUnicorn, the OP, started this thread to talk about "how undatable" mentally ill people are. She was simply conducting a "reality check." I believe her question and purpose of this discussion was based on her struggles with her own mental health issues and that of her partners, and she wanted to know if other people would see it as a red flag to be involved with her and/or the people she's been involved with. If you click on her profile and read her other threads, including her blog thread, you might see that she really is not the type to point fingers and she was sincerely asking the question as a way to sort stuff out for herself in the process of self-discovery and recovery from what she's been going through. So, while you were seeing some kind of negativity or judgment coming across in the topic, you yourself may have been a little quick to judge as well.

Furthermore, regarding the point about the word "diagnosable" as more problematic than other possible word choices, remember that this is an international message board. English is not the OP's first language. Although she is rather fluent in English, she probably chose the word that made the most sense to her in its translation to her native Finnish.
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