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Originally Posted by lolalondon View Post
don't others get worried about not being shiny new exciting fucktoy any more?
I suppose people are more likely to worry about that if they think sex is what the relationship is about, and forget they have value outside of their desire as a sexual partner. I imagine in a casual relationship, I might worry about that because if that's the reason I'm in that relationship, sure, if the sexual energy disappears, then the relationship probably isn't going to continue.
With a relationship you feel is mostly happy and compatible in all the other aspects - financial, domestic, friendship - it is hopefully easier to not let one thing shifting for a bit make you stress it means the end. Sometimes its hard to keep the big picture in mind, I know I'm guilty of it, but like you see, if you forget it and panic, it throws your partner for a loop too when they see you reacting with fear, and that usually causes more bumps than are warranted.
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