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Originally Posted by Sisyphus View Post
If someone is actively involved with multiple partners, sexually and romantically, but is emotionally incapable of allowing these partners the same freedom, is that person truly polyamorous?
I agree with the others who have said that this sure sounds hypocritical, but...

Who gets to make the determination of what "emotionally incapable" means? And likewise, who gets to say what "truly polyamorous" looks like?

Your question is predicated on some pretty judgmental sounding observations. Observations that imply some kind of empirical standard in what is by most people's experience a subjective criteria. I would be very interested to hear the other side of the story from the person about whom you are asking. Is the situation really as absolute as you are representing it to be? Or ...

Also, interesting choice for a screen name. Do you feel like a martyr laboring away at an endless, unavailing or futile task?
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