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Again, as I mentioned in another thread...Welcome! And thank you again for sharing your blog, your thoughts and perspectives.

So I'm NOT alone! I've discovered my "polyamorousness" through spirituality as well. I've gone back and forth studying soul mates, which led me to the twins and all that karmic stuff in between. :P

Reading, researching, experiencing...and what an interesting journey it's been (and is!).

Now I am aware (and believe very stongly) of the twins, though duplicity is, well ya illusion. But I do know that we DO communicate, more than we are consciously aware of "all the time". It's a process of awakening and drawing closer, of course.

I also have never (even remotely) considered anything but a monogamous relationship...until a few years ago. That's when my journey began to take an interesting path. A path that is still unfolding.

So much more than can be covered in a forum post. :P

Anywho, again...your post has been very encouraging and timely.

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