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I'm technically on vacation but went into work for a few hours today to catch up on some paperwork so I can enjoy the rest of my vacation knowing that it is not hanging over my head when I get back.

The boys worked on the car today and then are getting dinner. I opted out as they always want sushi, which is not my favorite, and I wanted some "me home alone" time.

Wednesday we are going up to camp together for our second vacation as a Vee and to do some fishing. My parents are joining us a few days later. I do have some niggling worries about that as we are not "out" as poly to my folks. I'm not really worried about mom - she has a kind-of built-in DADT policy. She has already assigned Dude to the role of "adopted son-in-law" (her words) and doesn't dig any deeper than "Are you bringing Dude to Thanksgiving dinner?" Dad has made some pointed statements that I was able to deflect or laugh off. I wonder if he will say anything to them...hmmm, my dad, my husband, my boyfriend in a boat together all day long...the three men I care about most who all love me bunches and I worry how this will play out...Jeesh

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