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Default New to all of this and looking for advice

Hi, I'm Matt. I've been friends with a married couple I met from work for years, and I consider them my best friends in the whole world. Recently, I realized that in addition to being their friend, I am also highly attracted to the both of them. I mentioned this to them, thinking I needed to pull away from the friendship for a while to make things less confusing, and they were like, "actually, there's another option here, since we're both attracted to you, too..."

So we're trying this out to see how it goes. Had a great first date last night, dinner and a movie (no sexytimes yet, since that had never been in the friendship before and we don't want to rush things too much). We all had fun, and I got kisses goodnight.

Here's where I get to the part where I need advice. While we were out and about on the date, I was so scared about what other people might think that I fear I wasn't the most attentive or considerate date. But I want this to work for us, and I know logically that worrying about what other people think is dumb, so how do I get over my terror of other people?

Also, since I've never done this before, and been in few enough monogamous dating situations that I'm still fairly inexperienced, is it reasonable to expect that most or all of the stereotypical activities couples tend to do for dates (dinner and a movie, sunset walk in the park, etc.) will work well for three people, also?
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