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Originally Posted by Qpmomma View Post
I have really been thinking about this a lot. I have come to the conclusion that, although it would be great, I am not willing to lose my husband to have a girlfriend. I know that if he has me chose I will chose him and our family over having a girlfriend.

We did have a discussion a while ago about introducing porn in the bedroom. He asked me what kind of porn I liked. I said girl-on-girl. And that would have been the perfect time to tell him. Oddly enough, he didn't say anything about that. But we do watch girl-on-girl. I wonder if he already knows and that's why he hasn't said anything?
It's too bad you don't feel you can tell him you were interested in women in the past, and still are. It doesn't mean it has to lead to opening your relationship, or anything other than sharing a part of you that you've kept from him. Do you really think he'd break up with you over just the opportunity to KNOW you better? Get enraged and hurt that you didn't disclose your past in more detail?

No I don't think watching girl on girl porn makes him know that you are attracted to women. Anytime you watch that porn is still a good opportunity to bring it up if you change your mind. Even just saying "she's really hot" It'd just be a shame if ten years later you find out he would've been perfectly comfortable with knowing you were bisexual all along.
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