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Default Help! Need Legal help/advice/representation!!


So me and my 2 SO's are in a loving, equal closed poly relationship (between myself, my legal husband and our girlfriend). Our GF has 3 kids, two from one father who has no issue with us, and the youngest from another father. This father has decided to take us to court based on Canadian criminal code 293 stating that living in a conjugal (marriage like) relationship with more then one person is illegal.

Our lawyer wants us to just state that we are just roomates, and thus aren't breaking any laws. However this isn't true, and denying that in court is lying under oath as well as against Alberta family law.

Sooooo my question is - has any one else been to court for their poly relationship? Does anyone know a more poly friendly lawyer in AB?

The lawyer from the Bountiful BC case is willing to help us, but that would require having out baby taken from our custody until our case makes it to the supreme court of Canada, and the completion of our trial - and we don't really want to do that. We just want to keep our rights to maintain access to out child. So if anyone has any experience or advice we are more then willing to listen!!!

Thank you in advance

Miss Jane
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