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Originally Posted by Vicki82 View Post
Am I really carrying that much more risk than the rest of you?
No. I am guessing at least 85% of people (and probably more) with multiple partners just stick to "use condoms with other partners" including most people who posted on this thread.

I also don't think my guidelines on how to approach new partners with unknown risk factors is the same as what is eventually negotiated when relationships actually happen and you have a better handle on how the other people practice poly and safe sex. After being warned by husband's HSV2+ girlfriend about more than one poly male on OKCupid admitting to her they lied to potential partners about having HSV2 because they didn't think it was a big deal, I figured I'd rather mitigate risk than be sorry after the fact.

Other than wanting to avoid HSV2 for the reason I mentioned earlier in the thread (and that's really the only reason, I could care less if I get it, as I'm not immuno supressed) I worry about oral cancer, or girl or boy bits cancer from HPV, but regular dentist and doctor visits help screen that stuff early.
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