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Well, point well taken, we do tend to communicate in generalities ;P

I do think there are ways -lots!- to generalize on this subject that are more specific - 'is noncompliant mental illness a red flag?' 'is depression a problem for you?' "is serious mental illness a red flag?" "could you cope with severe mental illness in a partner?" - and closer to what the OP and you have issues with. The word "diagnosable" implies 'undiagnosed' far more than it does 'intractable', so while it does stir up discussion to ask something that goes beyond what you yourself have an issue with, it's also grouping a lot of people in together (I bet most people have had a diagnosable partner that they didn't even realize) and inviting blanket statements.

Obviously, also, not everyone agrees with me (or you) on this subject or there wouldn't have been outright yeses or nos on this thread.

I mostly agree that people DO have to speak in generalities, but I don't think it's only the offended party that needs to be careful about WHAT generalities. Regardless of intent, sometimes words hurt feelings or perpetuate stereotypes and that's not wrong of someone to say. Discussions can be had without getting upset.

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