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Thanks I was wondering about the 'misspelling' and why such a word made it to the English vocabulary

On topic: I think he is. But as others said, I have never heard of the parameters of his relationships or if the women are/were allowed to have relationships outside this arrangement. Therefore I don't know for sure what kind of poly he is living there

And in regard to the variety of poly: I stumbled about all the different forms quite early when I searched for clues. So many different ways of actually living the same core idea ... there was one thread where we discussed this variety and someone talked about something like the Kinsey scale in regard to poly. I think this idea isn't that far off the mark. There are some forms of polyamory that are closer to the monogamous structure and some that fit in with the more general open relationship models. Why not? Just like my father phrased it: "You have to get along with this, as long as you are happy, everything is fine."
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