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Originally Posted by winged View Post
My point is more that get any two people - even two people with the same diagnosis and similar upbringing - in a room and they'll handle a relationship differently, so generalizing isn't particularly fair.
In the totality of things, it may very well be unfair but we humans tend to communicate in generalities (zing!) and I don't see a better and less horrendously awkward way to ask the question.

As a side note, this is always something that bothers me. People get upset about generalities being used because they're not 100% accurate but spelling things out exactly is extremely laborious and hinders communication. If logical sense should tell you that a person doesn't mean to be horribly offensive with the use of a generalization, then chances are very good they didn't intend to be. Getting offended by it really does no one any good because you're upset with someone who probably agrees with you already.
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