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Originally Posted by winged View Post
Mental illness isn't fun to deal with anyway and I find it really problematic that we even have this thread to pile on how undatable people with a psychiatric DX are. It seems kind of ablist and it's definitely depressing for those of us who do. I also think it's sort of generic to have a red flag over that diagnosis. There are some neurotypical people who are just not capable of handling a poly relationship, and there are some people with diagnosed mental disorders (or otherwise neuroatypical) who are better than average. If you asked "hey, are wheelchairs a red flag for you?" you'd be unlikely to get one answer and you might get looked at a little funny and this isn't much different.

Well, and a lot of the rest. But... yeah. I'm not NT, but I've learned how to manage mine. I see no reason why I shouldn't date someone similar. Key word: managing.

I can imagine there are people for whom physical infirmity is a red flag, however. Lots of outdoorsy types wanting their partner in rock-climbing or some such. I wince whenever I read an otherwise lovely profile -- sorry, I can't hike with you! But I'm happy to wait back at shelter with hot drinks and a roaring fire going!
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