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Well I've had exes who cheated and had more than one abusive relationship. This lead to my relationship with my primary. He knew I didn't like the idea of him seeing other people, but made it relaly clear he was still ok with me seeing other men (I offered not to, I don't have any issues with monogamy) and women. I had a few encounters with other men, casual things mostly, but always told him I was only going to do it if he was ok knowing I still didn't like him being with other people. I have now gotten to the point where I am begining to trust more and am ok with him having casual sex with another man (he is bi). I also said I am trying to get to the point where group sexual activity with other women would be ok as well, so I am trying to work on my trust problems. I do tell guys this before I start dating/sleeping with them though so it's nothing new or shocking to them, and I always tell them before things get serious that I might not be able to move forward quickly and they shouldn't agree to date me based on what I may be ok with later on.
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