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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
I've sighed and cried and ruminated over these men, responded eagerly to their every text or chat or email, hoped against hope that time and desire would bring us closer. And while I may have had some great sex with them and shared some fun times, the moping never brought one single positive thing into my life, and none of them ever got out of bed one morning and said "Wow, wait, all this time I'd been having fun with Anna as a FWB but suddenly it's so much more than that, I love her!"

Letting myself stay hung up on these guys for far too long is a really bad habit, and I need to cut it out. They feel what they feel, and once I've ascertained as clearly as possible that they're not looking for more from me, it's just kind of pathetic to stay focused on it. Grow up, move on, get over it
Ugh, this IS good stuff to remember. I have to keep this in mind in my relationships, too. As much as I truly do have enough on my plate and a good situation that brings me satisfaction in numerous ways, I sometimes fall victim to my little-girl daydreamy wishes for "more."

The here and now is so rich and full of life, I have to keep bringing myself back to the present and appreciating what I have instead of focusing on what I don't have and feeling like something is missing! Always good to be reminded of that!
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