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Default Listen to the voice of experiance

DO NOT TELL YOUR HUSBAND! if you do your world will collapse under your feet, I hate to say this because I adore bisexual females I think your so honest about your bi-sexuallity, plus to me its as natural and normal for a female to want to enjoy another female as much as a man does, its only hateful religious inspired society that looks down on it, plus strait couples, and singles especially strait closed minded men. Your biggest mystake was marrying him without telling him upfront, that you can be attracted and have oral needs for other females, at least he would have had a chance to reject you, or say he would be happy to share her with you, (would you have gone for that)? but not telling him, knowing he is up tight oh man! I have known a couple of beautiful bi- girls, each married the most hansome man they ever met, they were in love. At different times I met them for lunch, one before she got married, one after, I asked the one before if she had told him she was bifemale, she said OMG I carnt do it right now, im planning on telling him after we get married, he will be more understanding. (they never are) four months went by they were so happy, she was a good wife to him,she tried renting films with bifemale senes in them and he would blow up, saying turn that shit off, what did you buy that for, he was realy closed minded, after a wonderful night she decided to ask him what would you do if you found out I was bifemale, he jumped up, started screaming at her calling her a fraud, within a week he had asked the church for an annulment. the second Bif already had a girlfriend waiting in the wings, although she adored him she was drawn to her girlfriend so much she took a chance, he came home early and found them both sleeping naked and exausted, he went biserk, threw her cloths out the door, called both parents and all his friends saying he married a lesbian (she wasent)
but this is what happens to closed minded men when you dont make the disclosure before marriage, they go crazy! so Hon you better be carful or he might throw you out and claim the baby, and you being looked at as a fraud by the court and a unfit mother, it happens in this day and age of prosicutors that see themselves as religious (spanish inquisitioners) if it was me! your girl would be part of the houshold where you could have each other anytime you wanted, as long as we all agreed we could both enjoy having you or her together, as in a threesome, but not every body is like me. If you want to talk privatly off hear, if you need someone to talk to thats ok, just send me a PM.
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