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Also, in BDSM terms, tops and bottoms can be different from Dominants and submissives. Generally, with tops and bottoms, the top can administer the play (spanking, flogging..etc) and the bottom receives it, but this is without power exchange. The Bottom does not relinquish psychological control and has authority throughout the activity.

Dominants and submissives can do the same activities yet with them there is a power exchange involved. The submissive surrenders their authority to the Dominant and the Dominant has a certain amount of psychological control.

I'm only clarifying that because lots of people think that in order to participate in such play that they have to boss around or be bossed around or have to buy into the power exchange idea and that can sometimes turn people off. It's nice to know that there doesn't always have to be a power exchange to enjoy such play. For instance, I really enjoy bottoming, but I am not submissive.

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Ceoli, would this not then be ' topping from the bottom'?
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Topping from the bottom can happen when there is a power exchange involved and the person who relinquished their power in the play finds various ways to hang onto their power during the play, generally in manipulative ways. But when there is no power exchange involved, it's a bit of a different dynamic.

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