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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
I've experience emotional flooding at times -- and it is not fun. I agree with CdM -- it is a sign of maturity/self control to recognize "Wait! I'm emotionally flooding now! I cannot continue this conversation in a useful way at this time. I'm checking out to self care, we can regroup when calmer."

And there we go right back to the (me <--> me) tier of relationship, no?

Nobody is perfect all the time. But I think that being self-aware most of the time is a Good Thing and something to aspire to.
It's been a rough process. I'm looking back at my own behavior toward some people and thinking that I could have given them a little more benefit of the doubt, or backed away and just not gone there. But past is past, and I can't change it.

What I can do is learn from those who have been there and felt that. I appreciate having a term now for that overwhelmed feeling: "emotional flooding". Describes the feeling perfectly. It's like I'm treading water and I left my life vest on the Titanic; I will drown if I don't grab that floating ring. Or climb onto the giant frelling door sailing by, to keep with the theme.

I feel also as if people are only going to know me now as "that woman who defended that misogynist". But I've been there, in my own way, and I can't regret the actions I took. I said what I felt, and if people decided to direct their ire at me, fine. I'll keep being what I consider sensible until I'm popular again or some such.
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