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*horks a loogie*

Well, I'm surprised I'm not the partner in the hospital, let's put it that way. Coming off twelve-odd months of sheer chaos, I'm looking forward to an uneventful autumn, one in which I grow healthier, not sicker. I finally got a therapist for the low, low price of a $10 donation -- not sure if that's per session or overall. Since St J's likes to keep its people on an in-house psychiatrist as well, my days of $200 just to get my drugs assessed and refilled may be coming to an end.

What I am, primarily, is allergic to something. Nature is behaving oddly this year, and I can't say as I'm shocked. We have tiny droughts between tiny monsoons. The trees are confused; already their leaves are beginning to turn and drop. (Actually, I think my maples might be sick, but what can I do?) I had a bout of odder oddness than usual the other morning, coincidentally after I took the "safe" allergy med, so I'm waiting with that one until things get unbearable again. At least I have never yet developed asthma, and please knock wood for me! I am biting my tongue.
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