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People make me mad! Our poly meetup (of which Keith and I voluntarily took over one meeting and have somewhat unofficially been put in charge of the other since the official host conveniently cancels last minute every month) is NOT formatted as a place to meet people to date. Sure, it happens on occasion, but generally it is just a place to get together, meet other poly folks, and talk about whatever. Sometimes the conversation stays poly related, sometimes it doesn't. For our next meeting, we have 8 women and 9 men RSVP'd (counting the +1s and +2s of the people I know). TWO men have made a comment about how they're not going to come because the group is "filled with creepy single men who only come to cruise." There are two "single" guys RSVP'd. One is actually in multiple relationships and is bringing one of his lovers with him this month (he usually does come alone). The other is a wonderfully nice man who we (myself and Keith and the other regulars) have enjoyed talking to the past few meets.

It bothers me when people make assumptions about the group (in public view online) without ever having come to a meetup to see what it's like.

Rant over. I'm going to focus on the good for the rest of the day and enjoy doing something with Zelda and Link (because I had to call her husband Link, right?!) and Keith. Then we're all going to another poly meet where we only know the people that run it, so that should be interesting. It'll be a good day. I'll probably rant about this situation again, but I will sincerely TRY not to let it bother me too much! haha
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