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Default Unicorns

Unicorn (n) syn: Hot-Bi-Babe or HBB (one of several definitions...but this gets the general gist.)

Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
The unicorn is a hot bi-babe just sitting and waiting for a couple to come along so she can jump into a relationship with them. Sometimes spotted with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster...and other mythical creatures.

The term "unicorn hunting" applies to couples who decide they want to try poly and figure they'll just find a girlfriend for both of them, someone who is unattached to anybody else and just looking for a couple. Such a creature is very, very rare.

Now, that said, it is not uncommon to find triads where a bi babe does get involved with a couple. Those sort of happen without the hbb actually looking for a couple, however--she meets one or the other first, usually, finds a connection there and then connects with the other half of the couple.

It's fairly easy to find a bi babe in the poly community. She's typically already involved with somebody, however, which removes her from the ranks of unicorns. She's also unlikely to bond equally with both halves of a couple, which also removes her from the ranks of unicorns. It appears from here that most bi babes falling in with a couple exclusively weren't actively poly prior to that and just fell into it, as she wasn't looking for a couple to join (which, again, means she's not a unicorn).

There are some folks who call any bi babe who joins up with a couple a unicorn. That, however is inaccurate, as it doesn't fulfill all the requirements of essential unicorn nature.

Not that it really matters. The unicorn thing is nothing more than a bit of community humor aimed at the naivete of some folks just beginning their poly journey. It's the poly equivalent of the Prince on the white horse rescuing the princess and living happily ever after.

If a couple finds an actual unicorn--woohoo, happy ending! If they find a hbb who doesn't qualify as a unicorn--woohoo, happy ending! If they find other arrangements that work--woohoo, happy ending!

I'm a sucker for happy endings.
I'll also add the unicorn hunters flowchart for posterity. Remember...this is tongue in cheek...for many couples I think this is the gateway through which they'll pass to a better understanding of themselves & each way or another.

Originally Posted by Erosa
LOL This is a helpful thread to me.

I was rolling on the floor laughing at the 'unicorn hunters flow chart' though.

Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
I'd laugh a bit harder if it didn't hit so close to reality!
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