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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
You being the "cultured westerner" who would save them from themselves? Did you really mean to say such a thing? If so, your views are clearly those of a supremacist, and elitist, which is rather disgusting. While you indeed may be from a different culture than the locals, do not for a moment believe that you are more cultured, as in, more advanced, more sophisticated, or superior in any way -- nor that any of the local islanders would want to be "merged" with you for any reason other than to take your money and laugh at you behind your back.
In the meantime, I just have to say that I think you might have a an overly egalitarian view of things around you that don't apply to egalitarinism. It seems like you no longer have any sensible opinions because you've become jaded by egalitarianism. Like you're fighting for the right for pepper to be salt.

Have you heard of IQ? Is that a myth to you, a conspiracy?

Can everyone who picks coffee be an astronaut?

Have you heard of a book called "The Bell Curve"? ( Do you think that people, due to socio-economic factors, are equally sophisticated in the ghettos of Detroit as they are at Harvard?

Do you think that brains are just...equal? That there is no difference in how they develop around different behavior and environments?

Because you abhor people with opinions or outlooks different than yourself, you get to be a bigot towards them? Don't you think that's presumptuous of you? You come across as a zealot: everything you believe, is true. You're prejudiced.

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