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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
You being the "cultured westerner" who would save them from themselves? Did you really mean to say such a thing? If so, your views are clearly those of a supremacist, and elitist, which is rather disgusting. While you indeed may be from a different culture than the locals, do not for a moment believe that you are more cultured, as in, more advanced, more sophisticated, or superior in any way -- nor that any of the local islanders would want to be "merged" with you for any reason other than to take your money and laugh at you behind your back.
In so many words: This just shows me how much you know.

Your communication is immature, reactive, and contains words that are caustic when coupled with your intentions. If you don't mind fooling yourself by only listening to those who support you (your family and friends), than by all means go on the rest of your life with your immature, reactive, caustic attitude. But if you are interested in maturing, and more respectful communication, you should think about what I've said and check out all the arguments you get in where you leave the argument for the "high ground". Those would be the red flags to look out for, when you behave like that in an argument.

More on topic, can you answer the following of mine in response to what you said above:

IF NOT? (responding to the part of your reply which is marked in bold red)

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