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Things are still moving along. New work and school schedules have made it challenging for Ginko and I to see much of each other except on weekends, freeing up time to see other people. Neither of us would let other relationships take so much time from our own, but we're putting up with it for now since it's part of moving forward in our careers and not permanent. It's tough. If polyamory is something that can work for me, now may be the time to find out. I'd still pick time with Ginko over time with anyone else, but with that not being so much of an option right now I'm seeing what it's like to build more connections with others, and have been seeing a friend more for almost a month.

I still get along with J, Ginko's OSO, and actually look forward to hanging out with him on occasion, though we don't see a lot of each other. I'm fairly used to the current amount of time/energy that goes into their relationship and seem to have adapted to a degree. Ginko and I have reclaimed our weekends, so we're no longer spending most of that time with J. Part of my current comfort may be due to the fact that J is too busy to hang out much more right now. We'll have to see how I feel if/when he becomes less busy again and wants more time.

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