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Zelda and I are officially "dating." Neither of us are really sure that acknowledging that is going to change anything (we're still really getting to know each other), but it's good to know since we're attending a lot of poly events together (as in actually riding/showing up together) so people will probably start to ask.

Bashful hasn't responded to my response which included a question about how the poly issues are going for him.

Keith and I are good. Really good. My sex drive has increased massively in the last few weeks. Knowing I wasn't going to get any for a while made me want it before my trip, not being able to have sex while I was gone (well, that was the plan anyway) made me want it then, and finally I am just so glad to be back that I am giddy which always makes me horny, too! It's been a good few days. Too bad my birth control order got screwed up so we have to use condoms for a month since they didn't get here in time. Oh, well.. It makes us appreciate how much better it feels without them.
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