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We're that way. As odd as that may sound because we've only been "poly" for a couple months.

GG has lived with us for years.
Our oldest is really my bio daughter
then Macas bio son
Then Maca and I's bio son
and GG and I's bio girl-who is Maca's "daughter" she calls GG by his given name.

We have operated as a family since Ailsa was born, then it was just my sister ("auntie Em", Ailsa and I) then we met GG. He was "nuncle". (Ailsa was almost 2.
When Ailsa was 6 Maca and I got married and that brought Maca and his son to the family.
We had Aiden when Ailsa was 8.
GG moved in and Em got married and moved out when Aiden was... 3? Somewhere around then.
When Ailsa was 16 we had Trinity (the baby) and the family was "complete" as far as our children go.
Em moved back in 6 months ago (going through a divorce) and honestly-it feels complete now in full. But we're pretty sure she'll get her own place eventually and I suspect that someday we'll add another woman which means we may also add more children-just no more coming from MY body!

There may be dynamic changes as far as the roles we carry-but none of us is leaving the family.

We also do homeschool. Ailsa was in a private school 1-4th grade. Homeschooled 5th-10th, she's did 11-12th at a specialty highschool for medicine. 1/2 through her 12th year and she got her CNA done yesterday.

Daren was private school K, then homeschool 1-2, then his mom made him repeat 2 and do 3rd in public school (which really screwed him up as he was bored and ahead of his peers so he acted out). He did 4th public and got kicked out of school nearly. Then homeschooled 5th and went back to public school 6-1/2 of 8th. Now he's homeschooled and will be through highschool as she's out of the picture on that account.
Aiden has always been homeschooled. He's 9 and finishing 5th grade out this year.
Trinity hasn't officially started school yet.

What would you like to know m'dear!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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