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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post

And this is exactly the point. Not only I, but many people, have gotten the distinct impression through the whole thread that this love is not with the consent of Evan's girlfriend, that she has not consented to live like this, but is being pushed along. Yes, of course he can try anything he likes. And I can state that I, personally, don't find it ethical to be pushing someone into this, especially someone who, with four young children (three of her own and one with him, correct?), is in a very difficult position of dependency on him, and calling them vulgar names if they don't agree.
Also, here's the thing.

Evan is not the first person to have this particular fantasy and the financial means to realize it. But, that is getting mixed in with the REALITY which What Happened summarized just there. I have personally suggested (respectfully or at least neutrally) that Evan take his fantasy-harem plans (or whatever you call it "Generous enabling with boundaries?") to a blog thread where he can explore without the inconvenience of people disagreeing with him.

In the mean-time, OF COURSE people are going to draw on that fantasy for example and "ammunition", for lack of a nicer word, in rebuttal against Evan's OWN STORIES about condescending, disrespectful, nasty things he says to and about his wife and also through actions WHICH HE TOLD US. Nobody here is making any of this up. I could sit here all night going through this thread and quoting and highlighting where Evan has contradicted himself and ignored people's (respectful or neutral) questions, scolded people because he can dish it out but not take it, but I really don't give a crap enough to go through all that. The reason I registered on this forum was because of the threads that teach people how NOT to treat their partner(s). That is probably the reason i continue to come back to this thread. Not because I am "triggered" by this. This is totally an example of what NOT to do. Like they say, There is no "right" way to "do poly", but there are plenty of WRONG ways.
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