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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
If calling a woman a vulgar name, like cock-blocker or pussy-blocker, because she 'stands in the way of something he wants' is really just a different paradigm, then there's no reason to object to any other man calling women vulgar names, either, whether it's because they stand in the way of those men getting what they want, or for any other reason.

I think the objections that have gone on in this thread are not about anyone failing to understand someone else's differing paradigms. If he knew 25% of the people in Hollywood and dated 40 women there, then he's not some poor naive guy of a different culture who just didn't 'get' how disrespectful it is to call a woman a name like that.
Precisely. Maybe they'll like the way you said it better than the way I said it.

May I also add that the OP has bragged about being a professional poker player, to the effect that he can read his wife's secret "inner poly" thoughts.

I'm not making any of this up. It's all here in this thread somewhere, and in that other thread about whales and scissors. But go ahead - blame it on me because I'm referring to it.
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